More than a craze, smart gadgets are necessary to track your productivity and well-being.

Apart from wearables, we now have a wide array of sensors that make us aware of how our lifestyle choices modify our wellness.

In 2018, revenue from wearables has increased by 20.4%. According to the International Data Corporation, the income is seen to increase twice over by 2021.

We’ve curated a list of the best smart gadgets that aims to improve your health and performance.

Monitoring heart rate

  • Whoop
    A sensor worn on the wrist that helps you regulate your cardiovascular system in real-time. It also allows you to check how much force and energy you are exerting. It provides you data on your heart rate and the factors that affect it. The wearable costs $500. This gadget is best for professional athletes who do intense workouts that affect the heart.

Monitoring blood pressure

  • Nokia BMP+
    This is the best blood pressure monitor you can use at home. This can be linked to your smartphone so you can conveniently check your Systolic and Diastolic BP. The Nokia BMP+ retails at $129.95. This smart gadget generates results that are easy to read and analyze.

Smart scale

  • QardioBase 2 Smart Scale and Body Analyzer
    A smart scale that can give you accurate information about your weight, BMI, and full body composition. It can also track weight development in pregnant women. This smart scale costs $149.99.

Smartwatch for sports

  • Apple Watch Series 3
    A smartwatch with GPS and altimeter that you can wear even when swimming. It gives you measurements about your everyday movements, monitors your health statistics, and acts as your smart coach when you go through prolonged inactivity. This smartwatch is sold for $329.

Sleep trackers

  • Oura Ring 2
    A smart ring that analyzes your sleep and provides you data on the duration of your sleep. It also monitors your sleep cycles, your heart rate when resting, your nocturnal heart rate variability, and your body temperature deviation. This ring costs $299.
  • Beddit 3 Sleep Monitor
    This strip is placed under your bedsheets to keep track of information about your sleep cycles. It also monitors your vital measures while you sleep, such as your heart and respiration rate, and snoring. You can get this sleep monitor for $149.95.  

Nutrition tracker

  • Samsung S9
    This smartphone can recognize your camera using AI. It can monitor the amount of food, water, and caffeine you take in. It has a database of the caloric count and nutritional breakdown of foods. This smartphone is available in the market for $719.99.

Smart Bottle

  • H20Pal is a water bottle that tracks the amount of water you drink. By syncing it to your smartphone, H20Pal will be able to send you a notification when it’s time for you to drink water. The H20Pal costs $99.

Smart Thermometer

  • Kinsa QuickCare
    This thermometer logs the temperature data of your whole family. You can also use it to record symptoms, diagnoses, and medication. It also advises whether it’s time to see a doctor. You can get this smart thermometer for $19.99.

Emotion sensor

  • FEEL
    This wrist-worn monitor tracks and analyzes emotions through signals.  This smart gadget helps you manage your emotions by making you aware of them before they become out of control. You can get this for $150.

Meditation headband

  • Muse
    This headband senses your brain and gives you information about your meditation and the state of your mind while practising. It acts as your meditation guru at home. This smart headband costs $249.99.

Sex Tracker

  • Nice Sex Tracker
    This free app records your sexual activities, including the names of your partner/s and the place where you had sex. With Nice Sex, you’ll be able to see how often you have sex, an activity that is proven to reduce stress.

Weather Station

  • Netatmo
    When synced with your smartphone, this personal weather station gives you information about your home’s temperature, air quality, and humidity. This information is detrimental to your family’s health. It also gives you an updated weather forecast.

Alcohol tracker

  • BACtrack Skyn
    The first in the world, this wearable tracks the amount of cocktail you take in. When worn or attached to an Apple Watch, it can give you full details about the level of alcohol in your blood. It also warns you when you’re drinking too briskly and too much.