At the onset of the year, regularly working out was top on your resolution’s list. But just like the previous years, you’ve lost all will power and enthusiasm after a few times of hitting the gym. If you keep doing what you’ve always been doing, you’ll most likely get what you’ve always been getting. So, if you want to see change, change your strategy.

Here are some tips from the best trainers and sports experts to help you achieve the results you’ve always wanted.

Create a more specific fitness goal

According to Michigan-based Eddie O’Connor, a sports psychologist, motivation fades quickly.

It is therefore essential for you to have a clear idea about what you want to specifically achieve.

For instance, instead of aiming to get in shape, try to aim for a healthier version of yourself. The latter goal is far more powerful than just getting in shape. Then think about the things that a healthy person does and emulate them. There will be set backs as you reach for your goals, but embrace the challenge and get through it.

Pay attention to the feeling you get after every workout

For people who are motivated by rewards, make sure not to use food as one. Instead of binging on your favorite food after a good workout, buy yourself a good workout outfit to keep you motivated.

According to Leanne Shear, owner of Uplift Studios in New York, discipline should keep you going once your motivation dies down.

Fitness book author Alex Silver-Fagan says to look back to the times it felt good when you feel discouraged or lazy to do your workout.

Shorten your routine

During the days when you don’t feel like doing a complete workout, a quick 15-minute is better than nothing. Likewise, knowing that the finish line is close at hand is also helpful.

Start small

Similarly, start with small goals, like five push-ups or 10 box jumps every day.

Silver-Fagan reminds that change doesn’t happen overnight, which means it’s unlikely to see a change in your shape after just one workout.

Don’t’ workout alone

Time flies fast when you’re working out with someone. Additionally, a workout buddy will also cheer you up when you feel like you can’t do one more push-up.  

Remind yourself of your embarrassing photos

Sometimes it helps to imagine what has been so you keep pushing towards your goal. So, when you feel unmotivated to workout, think about those embarrassing mementos of your previous appearance.

Create a workout playlist

Listening to motivating songs when you feel like skipping a workout will get you perked up and lead you to the gym, which is the most difficult part of the whole routine. Once you’re there, it’s unlikely for you to back out.