Basking in the great outdoors will give your children a unique experience, but that idea may feel daunting if you are aren’t used to taking your kids in the wilds.  We’ve come up with some tips for you and your kids to have a fantastic time hiking.  


Load up on refreshments

Children use up their energy as they around the wilderness, and you do not want to be empty-handed away from your car with a hungry child in tow. See to it that you pack a lot of snacks and that you stop every now and then to refuel. Some children require an extra drive to go on, so it will also help to give them treats as rewards for the certain distance they walk. For more difficult hikes like reaching a summit or viewpoint, give them a special snack as a reward for their accomplishment.

Go somewhere exciting

 Kids will surely enjoy going for a hike that will take them to some hidden marvels of nature like waterfalls will swimming pools or an ancient cave. Wherever you plan to take them, make sure that the children know your destination and what they should expect to see there. It will build their excitement and set realistic hopes.  

Prepare for anything

You are likely to complete your adventure without any problems, but it’s good to be always prepared. A sprained ankle or injured limbs might turn into something more serious that needs immediate action, which can bring so much distress, especially when your mobile phone loses its service. So make sure to bring hiking essentials and emergency kits every time you head for an outdoor adventure.

Hiking Period

Wear appropriate clothes

Even if you’re hiking during the summer season, remember to wear or pack layers of clothes. Kids are more prone to feeling cold than adults, so consider bringing something that will keep them warm. Little ones are also likely to get wet, so make sure to bring extra clothes for them.

Follow their Pace

Children, being naturally curious,  are expected to meander while on a hike. Allow them to explore and discover things because the journey is as important as the destination. Anticipate moving at a slower pace and get to appreciate the world through the eyes of your child.

Give them small tasks

Kids feel good when they think they are useful. Encourage cooperation by giving them little jobs like filtering water or choosing for their walking sticks. You may also incorporate a fun game like “ISpy” while trekking the woods.

Keep conversations going

Hiking is an excellent time to talk to your kids as they are not distracted by gadgets. You can ask them about their school, their friends, or anything about themselves. If your child is not in the mood to talk, prepare stories or songs that will engage them. Your kids will surely enjoy your undivided attention.