The “temper ring” popular back in the 70s is an accessory that changes color based upon the temperature of the wearer eventually making them aware of their temperament.

The smart wristband plays along that idea, only, it made use of modern-day technology aimed at possibly helping people who are on the verge of depression, struggling with mood disorders, or patients with anxiety issues.

Developed by the Lancaster University School of Computing and Communication, the wristband lets the wearer identify their feelings real time as it warms up, changes in color, squeezes, and vibrates.

43.8 million adults experience mental illness in a given year according to the National Alliance of Mental Illness. 10% of which comprise of those struggling with a mood disorder.

To treat a mood disorder, patients are advised to have a way of becoming aware of their emotions and once identified, one must learn to regulate emotional reaction according to the researchers.

The U.K. researchers developed this wearable around that treatment practice with which biosignals are used to detect intensity in a person’s emotions through skin conductivity.

Participants of the study were able to regulate their reactions to an emotion through the indications or actions of the smart wristband.

A psychiatrist of Zucker Hillside Hospital in Queens, N.Y. Dr. Victor Fornari said that, the wristbands may be the beginning of a “new frontier” in helping to identify and regulate anxiety and depression

Further, it could potentially increase the awareness about emotional reactions and promote self-regulation which is very helpful and important not just for patients suffering from a type of disorder according to Fornari.

According to the researchers, the device is still far from being available to consumers and the wearable technology is not yet patented. They need another year to develop a more robust version.