Bad news for exercise buffs: research says the more you exercise, the less calories you actually burn.  

David Stensel, a student at Loughborough University in the UK who studies workout metabolism, said that working out is still good for us in a host of other ways.

He also said that losing calories does not just depend on working out but also depend on our metabolic rate or how our body digests food, that’s why some people wonder why they do not lose the number of calories they expected.

Researchers evaluated 332 people with different daily routines including people in Jamaica, Ghana, South Africa, US, and Seychelles by tracking them using technology to measure their activity levels.

They also examined the timeframe for the compounds to dispense from their body in the form of urine and their energy outflow by making them stay hydrated by water labeled with heavy forms.

Herman Pontzer of Hunter College, New York, one of the authors of the study, said that gym technologies are accurate with the result of the readouts on how many calories you’ve burned. 

If two persons run on a treadmill, both burn the same calories whether he’s an exercise buff or not, as long as you put the same weight, speed, and energy.

According to him, we shouldn’t be just looking for the calories we lose in the exercises we do. We should also consider the actions with the tasks we do every day which also burn calories. Likewise, we should also keep in mind the metabolic rate or the amount of food we digest every day.

Pontzer said that a person who is already moderately active will not lose much weight even if he/she heavily exercises , but emphasized that such activity is still good for our health.