Stretching doesn’t only make your muscles relaxed, but it sets your flexibility back to its optimum state as well. Also, unlike the tedious exercise drills, stretching will make you fit without spending too much energy.

Keeping Your Flex Back to the Tee

According to Dr. Lauren Elson, physical medicine expert, there’s no need for a formal stretching program if you intend to harness your flexibility. Even if you just stand up after long hours of office works, take a deep breath, or occasionally move your joints to their full extent- these are more than enough to get your full flex.

If you want to get started with your daily stretching activity, consider first the following tips from Dr. Elson:

  1. Limited Movement. If your dilemma is about the limitation of body movement, then getting off from your chair once in a while will be of great help. Studies proved that sitting on an extended period without taking a break in between will induce that limited capability to move your joints, muscles, or even your entire body.
  2. Before Your Exercise Routine. If you want to keep your flexibility intact, doing light stretching such as rolling your shoulders before your exercise routine will make a difference. Researchers found out that heavy stretching prior to an exercise drill will not do good to your body; instead, this will just pose injury to your joints and muscles.
  3. After You Exercise. Once you are done with your daily exercise routine, tone down your body by performing some stretching (for lengthening) such as holding your arm string for a few seconds in various directions.

Indeed, stretching is a great alternative to keep you fit and flexible even if you get older. Thus, you must do stretching right now before it becomes too late.