A great number of apps offer the convenience of tracking a woman’s fertile days, but because of the unfathomable nature of the body, none of these apps are as accurate as needed.

But women need not go through the tedious task of tracking their ovulation cycle for a month just to get or not get pregnant, as a new device called Yono has been introduced to make their life easier. 

Yono is a wearable device developed by Yono Labs, a company located in Silicon Valley. The device is lodged in the ear where it can detect the body’s signals.

Yono Labs founder and CEO Vanessa Xi shared that the innovation resulted from her unpleasant personal experience when she was trying to conceive. Each morning, she had to wake up at the same exact time and measure her temperature before making any movement – a fertility tracking method based on the body’s basal temperature. A carefully-tracked basal body temperature allows a woman to identify an increase in her temperature caused by a hormonal surge that is linked to ovulation.  But  results from this manual method are often imprecise and the process itself can be frustrating, hence, the concept of Yono came about.

The Yono is nestled into the ears before going to sleep and collects a stream of your temperature data while you sleep through the night. The next morning, the Yono app breaks down the data collected to determine your basal body temperature.

A beta version of Yono was released in 2017 for testing and has been consistently undergoing improvements. At present, the app devises a fertility chart for the user utilizing the data derived from the basal body temperature. The next goal is to offer accurate and personalized fertility predictions for each user.

Peter Song, professor of biostatistics from the University of Michigan, has been working on creating a better Yyono earbud model that will address the glitches of the current one.

Currently, the data generated from the Yono earbud is considered “noisy” as the temperature readings collected may be affected by movements during sleep.

Song’s team has started data cleaning the Yono earbud by eliminating biologically impossible settings and incorporating the basic facts of women ovulation. Yono Labs is set to incorporate these improvements into the Yono soon.