New York City is not exactly a famous spot to cool off during summer, despite it sitting on one of the largest harbors in the world. It has extremely busy water traffic and the surrounding waters are far from enticing. Even so, the city has all kinds of outdoor pools to make up for this.

There are more than 50 pools found across Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, and Staten Island and they come in varying sizes and caters to all ages. Most pools in New York are open from 11am-7pm and a cleaning break from 3 pm to 4 pm. During the summer months, anyone can use these pools for free. 

But with this myriad of choices, it can get tricky to decide where to get a refreshing dip. Escapism rounded up a list of the best outdoor pools in each borough.

1.    Brooklyn – The William Vale Hotel

The hotel is located in Williamsburg in a spot that used to be a setting for art studios and dive bars.  It also used to be a sanctuary for hipsters. But the place has been transformed into a neighborhood of luxurious properties.

The Vale pool, located above the hotel’s rooftop, is Brooklyn’s longest outdoor swimming pool with its length of 60 feet.  During hot summer days, you can get a view of the glinting East River from the pool.

2.    Queens – Astoria Pool                                   

The largest and oldest pool in NYC is found in Astoria. The pool, which was used in the Summer Olympics of 1936 and 1964, spreads to 200 meters long and 50 meters wide.  The pool is split into six areas, each catering to the different needs of swimmers. Remember to bring your own combination lock when you visit the pool to ensure the safety of your valuables.

3.    The Bronx – The Floating Pool Lady

The Floating Pool Lady can be found in a barge docked in Barretto Point Park, a public waterfront park located beside an industrial zone. The pool is 25 meters long with seven lanes. The pool can get a little wild with the mingling of kids playing and adults doing laps. 

4.    Manhattan – Hamilton Fish Park Pool

The pool often referred to as “Ham Fish”, is located in the Lower East Side of south-eastern New York.  It has an Olympic-size pool and a wading pool recognized for their designs. Don’t forget to bring your own padlock to secure your lockers. 

5.    Staten Island – Lyons Pool

Lyon’s pool is one of the several Olympic-sized pools constructed in 1936. In addition, it has a wading pool and a kiddie pool, to the whole family’s pleasure. It can house about 2,800 bathers at a time.