Millennials are the most health-conscious generation. They generate over $4.2T over the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle, investing in health gears, gym subscriptions, food plans, and a lot more. Despite that, some studies have identified this generation as also being the most stressed. This complex irony within this generation’s demand for health can be attributed them relying heavily with the internet and social media.

Is There a Digital Option?

Because the internet boomed during this generation, millennials have quick access to any information. Their default response, when faced with any task, is to go online and browse the solution through the internet. Such is the case when millennials seek clarifications about their health. 

As they consult various online references, they self-diagnose. On the very few instances that they actually consult a physician face-to-face, they are equipped with a list of solutions waiting for the physician to just confirm which one is the best. Most of the time, however, they keep to what is available online. This forces much of the healthcare providers to ensure that their online presence is robust and intuitive. Lab results have become accessible through mobile applications as well. 

Can They Instagram It?

Social Media has become a cornerstone of a millennial’s lifestyle. Everything that can be possibly shared through social media is shared through it. This is the same as for a millennial’s healthy lifestyle. From pictures of a bowl of Caesar salad to selfies taken in the gym, millennials choice of healthcare must be Instagrammable.

Not to be taken on a negative light, this behavior of millennials is a form of support system. The likes received by such photos is a form of validation that they are indeed doing the right thing for their health. For some planning to take on a healthier lifestyle, photos of their idols in the gym become their inspiration.