Fruitarian is someone who follows an all fruit diet. It is just one of the many other forms of Vegetarianism that have recently gained attention due to its promising results and a lot of social media influencers are currently promoting it.

Fruitarian diet simply put is an all fruit diet. Not vegetables, no grains, no starch, no processed foods, just fresh fruits. Amanda Montell has tried the Fruitarian Diet for five days, as she is deeply curious about the effect it could bring to her body.  

There are many reasons as to why one changes his diet. A fruitarian usually goes on this type of lifestyle to avoid animal protein, naturally detoxify their body, lower calorie intake, increase fiber, and even to get rid of the need to cook.

As an experiment, Montell tried being a fruitarian. She’s already a vegan. She is not into loosing weight and she just wants to try this lifestyle to encourage herself to eat more fruits.

Montell followed the diet strictly. Given the fact that she hates cooking, she loved the concept of eating just fruits for the week. She tried fruits in different forms: smoothies, dried fruits, and salads.

Fruit calorie content is low, so you’d feel full in an instant. But it would make you do frequent bathroom breaks because of increase in water and fiber intake.

Montell was able to complete the five-day experiment but admitted to getting starch cravings at night. She said that after completing her diet, she felt debloated but still energized. Also, the experiment made her a little bit more conscious about her food choices, especially when getting snacks. Yet, she said that she would not recommend this diet to anyone, just as most health experts would. It’s not healthy in the long run as you are missing on fat and protein and the excessive sugar from the fruits can disrupt blood sugar levels. It is an extreme diet and limiting your diet to one food group is just unhealthy.