For various reasons, a healthy amount of fat in the body is critical. It is a source of energy. Other reasons include keeping your body temperature in check, regulating cellular growth, and absorbing nutrients.

Fats are composed of smaller blocks termed fatty acids. Omega-6, a kind of fatty acid, can help in alleviating symptoms of chronic diseases like arthritis. Omega-3 has tons of health benefits. It helps in improving heart conditions, reducing weight, improving mental health, and a lot more.

Because your body cannot produce them, both omega-3 and -6 are called essential fatty acids. Your diet must include food that contains these. Our own body produces its own fatty acid: Omega-7.  

Below is a list of benefits that the consumption of omega-7 guarantees:

  • Improved heart condition

Omega-7 helps in regulating cholesterol in the body. It promotes healthy blood circulation by preventing swelling in the arteries. It also regulates the number of fats that get stored in the body through fat accumulation.

  • Boosted skin health

Collagen helps the skin recuperate from skin damages. Elastin is essential to avoid developing wrinkles. Omega-7 improves the body’s production of these proteins. In addition, because omega-7 generally helps on swelling, it also helps in clearing acne.

  • Reduced body weight

A study found that when induced with omega-7, male rats have a lesser appetite and an increase in appetite-related hormones is observed. As such, because omega-7 promotes the feeling of fullness, it also prevents unnecessary eating and eventual weight gain.

  • Regulated blood sugar level

Omega-7 prevents the body from resisting insulin, which carries glucose around the body. When your body rejects insulin, sugar remains in the blood. An extreme prolonged high sugar level in the system is a pre-diabetic condition. Omega-7 helps in making sure that the sugar level in the blood is a check.